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These Provider Service Terms of Use ("Service Terms" or "Additional Terms"), along with any applicable Terms (collectively, the “Terms”) govern your use of and access to our websites, customer support, and provider services (collectively, the “Services”). If there is any conflict between the terms in the General Terms of Use Agreement and these Additional Terms, then the Additional Terms govern in relation to those Services.

By using the services, you affirm that you are of legal age to enter into the terms.

1. Summary
These Terms grant you access to Design Brewers Provider Services as a Provider which permits you to create a business profile ("Profile") and pitch projects ("Projects") submitted to Design Brewers by Clients for the purpose of generating new business opportunities.

You are not obliged to engage with any Clients or Projects through the use of the Services and your use of the Services does not constitute an agreement or committment to engage in any business transaction.

2. Payments and Subscriptions
Design Brewers does not take commission and is not involved in the contracting process between Clients and Providers. Instead we offer a mixture of free and paid services on a Pay as You Go basis and occasionally a subscription basis.

All payment processing is handled via the Stripe platform and data stored according to GDPR and PCI Compliancy regulations.

3. Provider Screening
Design Brewers screens Providers to ensure they are real, appropriate for our platform, have the experience they claim to have, and have a body of work that is appropriate for the Clients who use our platform as part of their procurement processes.

Typically, we will reject Providers from Design Brewers that A: provide false or inaccurate business or contact information, B: are commercially sub-market, C: provide information that attempts to mislead, D: are not appropriate for our platform, E: are outsourcers or sweatshops, F: primarily sell stock, premade or off the shelf solutions, or F: are in breach of the following Provider Standards.

According to the following Provider Standards, we do not accept Providers who A: infringe on any other individual or entities intellectual property rights, B: specialise in content of an adult or pornographic nature, C: promote or engage in activity that may be harmful, illegal, promote hate, D: are discriminatory in nature, or E: infringe on another individual or entities privacy.

Furthermore, we review the work on Providers portfolios on a qualitative basis to accertain whether the body of work meets the expectations of our Clients.

You acknowledge that any information you submit to Design Brewers in regards to your business information is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and does not attempt to mislead either Design Brewers or any Clients who wish to engage with you.

Design Brewers offer no guarantee that your business will be approved and granted full access to the Services.

4. Provision of Service and Data Privacy
By submitting your business information to Design Brewers you permit Design Brewers to view the information you submit in its entirity, for the purposes of reviewing and screening the information.

Furthermore, you permit Design Brewers to make such information visible to Clients in order to facilitate the Services you are requesting. Clients are able to define privacy requirements when submitting projects. Under no circumstances should any provider breach these privacy requirements without the Clients consent, even if that information is available in the public domain. For example, if a Client has requested not to be contacted by telephone, you should not contact them by telephone even if this information is available on their business website.

Design Brewers will make Projects available to no more than 5 or 10 Providers depending upon whether the Project has been added to the Main Board or the Open Board.

5. Code of Conduct
You agree to engage with Design Brewers and any Clients with courteousy and professionalism. We do not tolerate any Clients or Providers engaging in harassment, violent or abusive behaviour.

You will not collect and/or publish details about Clients, Projects or other Providers who use Design Brewers to any 3rd party website, publication or service. Publishing, selling or reselling Client or Project informtion obtained through Design Brewers may result in immediate termination of your account.

During any communications with Clients, you will not attempt to mislead any other user of Design Brewers including Design Brewers staff, Clients or other Providers.

6. Service Guarantee, Curation and Accuracy
Design Brewers is a curated platform where we screen every Client and Project, seeking to ensure they are real, honest, are commercially viable, and appropriate for our platform. You can review full details about our Screening processes on our Client and Provider FAQ's published on this website.

While our screening process is thorough, it seeks to save you time and reduce risk rather than eliminate it entirely. Therefore, it is ultimately your responsibility to perform due dilligence on Clients and individual Projects. Design Brewers is not responsible for any business agreements or the results of any business agreements between Clients and Providers.

Design Brewers operate a waterfall (or cascading) service, where we will match Projects with the best fit providers according to Project requirements and your experience and/or specified business interests, before gradually opening the Project out to a wider pool of Providers on either the Main Board or Open Board until a maximum of either 5 or 10 Providers have agreed to pitch the project.

Projects that go through Matching or are submitted to the Main Project Board can be pitched by no more than 5 providers, whereas projects that are placed on the Open Board - where projects are either free or discounted are pitchable by up to 10 provides.

We will endeavour to match Projects as closely to your experience and preferences as possible, and may filter projects on the Main and Open Board accordingly.

Providers have the opportunity to decide whether Projects are of interest to them, either through a Matching offer or through browsing the Project Boards. Due to the curated nature of our platform, we cannot guarantee any number of projects will be available at any particular time. We offer a quality over quantity service rather than a volume service.

7. Refunds & Approval Guarantee
We will refund projects for Matching and Main Board projects in the event that the client has been misleading or you feel we have made a mistake in approving a project.

Reasons for contesting a project include:
A: The clients requirements or budget are significantly different to advertised, or B: The project is not viable, C: The client is not serious, D: The project appears to be fake, E: The project is outside of your skillset, but was advertised as otherwise.

Refunds take the form of replacement matches, or pitching credits and we might ask for evidence such as email conversations to verify certain refund requests. Ultimately any refund requests are at the discretion of Design Brewers.

7. Agencies and Bulk Project Submissions
We do not accept bulk submissions of projects from 3rd parties or aggregate data under any circumstances. Recruitment Agencies who wish to hire or contract providers for individual projects are welcome to use Design Brewers following the Agency Transparency Terms outlined in our Client Services Terms of Use.

8. Free Trials and Promotions
We offer new Providers a free trial in the form of a number of free pitch opportunities on any project that is appropriate for their skillset, or other free services. We may occasionally offer Providers discounts, promotions or free services.

Services offered for free under trial or promotional terms are subject to these Terms.