Provider FAQ

What kind of creative & tech professionals do you support?

Design Brewers support creative and tech professionals across a broad range of industries such as:

  • Web Designers & Developers
  • App Designers & Developers
  • Game Designers & Developers
  • Graphics Designers
  • Traditional Media Artists
  • Illustrators and Concept Artists
  • Print Designers
  • Brand Designers
  • 3D/CG Artists

How do I become a Provider?

Becoming a provider gives you access to the Design Brewers Dashboard where you can find and pitch new projects.

You can use the Provider Registration Form to apply to become a provider. From here you'll be able to create an account and tell us about your business. Your application will then enter our clearing queue where we will screen your application to make sure you meet our standards and are an appropriate provider for our platform.

Once approved you can set up your company profile, project settings, and start pitching projects. In the unfortunate event that your application is rejected we'll be in touch to explain why and whether there are steps you can take to remedy your rejection.

Provider Standards

Before you apply to become a provider, you should familiarise yourself with our Provider Standards policy.

We accept freelancers, independent professionals, studios, creative agencies, and publishers of all sizes. All providers however, must meet our minimum standards to be considered for acceptance onto the Design Brewers platform.

    Minimum Standards:

  • You should have an active company website or portfolio website(s) that demonstrate either:
    • A strong body of work for real clients, or
    • An exceptional or promising body of personal work for consideration as a new talent provider
  • Work in your portfolio must be:
    • Created by yourself, or a project you were significantly involved in
    • Be original work, rather than heavy reliance on stock, or pre-made content
    • Be of a high level of craftsmanship
  • Your business should not primarily involve the selling or reselling of software, products, or stock content
  • Your business practices should not involve:
    • Sweatshops, or exploitative hiring practices
    • A significant, or regular reliance on outsourced talent
  • You should represent yourself honestly, and authentically to both us and clients, without misleading or misrepresenting your skills, experience, or clients
  • Your business practices should include:
    • Modern day slavery policy, and confirmation that you do not engage in exploitation
    • If you hire staff, you should be an equal opportunities employer
    • Be aware of your carbon footprint, the role our industries have on climate change, and have measures to reduce your impact on climate change where appropriate

We reserve the right to decline any provider from using our platform for any reasons we deem appropriate.

Project Screening

As a curated platform, Design Brewers also screen every project that comes through our platform.

Every project on Design Brewers was submitted directly through this website and is screened before we send it out to providers for pitching. We don't scrape or purchase project information from 3rd parties. Therefore you can pitch for new work assured that projects are current, genuine, commercially viable and actively looking for responses from providers.

As part of our screening process we ensure that projects:

  • Have came directly from the client
  • Sufficient information has been provided to ensure the overall scope of the project is clear.
  • The project is legitimate and appears trustworthy
  • The timescale and budget expectations are viable for the work requested

Projects that pass screening are then matched to the best fit providers before being added to the Project Board. From here other providers can pitch it until a maximum of 5 providers have pitched it. Project visibility on the open project board is subject to client skill requirements and an individual providers experience.

Certain projects that fail screening may be added to the Open Board. These projects are either free or discounted depending upon the quality of the project.

Projects are typically added to the Speculative Project Board for the following reasons:

  • The client is unsure or vague about their needs or budget
  • The project appears to be speculative or very early stage in the tendering process
  • The projects budget appears low for the work requested but might still be viable for some providers

Project Matching

Providers are able to enable Matching on any of the project categories they are subscribed to . When matching is enabled, we will give you first refusal on projects that you are a good fit for. Most projects will go through matching before being added to the main project board, therefore we recommend that you enable matching on your favoured categories to maximise your exposure.

When we offer a match, you'll be notified by email and the offer will appear in the Dashboard. You can then choose to pitch the project, or decline the offer - which will allow other providers the opportunity to pitch. We typically allow 2 working days to accept or decline a Matching offer.

Until you accept a project offer, any identifiable information about the client will be hidden.

Project Boards

Design Brewers operate two project boards where you can browse and pitch projects, The Main Board and the Open Board.

Projects that have been approved and gone through matching are typically added to the Main Board to fulfill the provider quota (5 providers). This board is filtered, so you'll only see projects in catgories you are subscribed to.

Projects that don't quite meet our screening standards, but that we deem to still have potential value are added to the Open Board. Projects are also filtered on this board but have softer filtering rules, casting a wider net.

Projects on both boards are censored to obscure any identifiable information about the client, and client contact details are hidden, until you have elected to pitch the project.

What if I am unhappy with a project?

In the event that you are unhappy with a project, please let us know. We will refund projects for Matching and Main Board projects in the event that the client has been misleading or you feel we have made a mistake in approving a project.

Reasons for contesting a project include:

  • The clients requirements or budget are significantly different to advertised
  • The project is not viable
  • The client is not serious
  • The project appears to be fake
  • The project is outside of your skillset, but was advertised as otherwise

Refunds take the form of replacement matches, or pitching credits and we might ask for evidence such as email conversations to verify certain refund requests.